Splunk bouquet workshop - 22nd May 2018

It is Chelsea Flower Show week and this year they are highlighting environmental issues focussing on health and well-being, focussing on how plants, flowers, nature and green spaces have a positive impact on our lives.

In keeping with this theme - and our own company ethos of ‘spreading the floral joy’ - we hosted a bouquet making workshop at Splunk using beautiful seasonal blooms to showcase how creating flower arrangements  can promote happiness and alleviate stress whilst having fun and learning a new skill.


Guests were given the opportunity to pick from a variety of flowers; choosing colours, textures and smells. They had the opportunely to play with the flowers and they were taught a new skill of how to arrange a beautiful bouquet in a vase, which they could then take away and continue to enjoy at home, or in the office.

Splunk Bouquet Workshop

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Floral Master Class with Zetter Townhouse - 28th April 2018

Teaching everyone some simple tricks to help them arrange their flowers beautifully. Each person taking part will be given flowers to work with and a vase to take their masterpiece home.

Zetter Townhouse Workshop

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Earth Day 2018 - 22nd April 2018

For Earth Day this year we took the workshop to software giants Palantir. In their lunch hour we provided enough herbs and sweet smelling English Sweet Peas for a team of 85 people to each make up their own edible, sweet smelling herb garden. Complete with gift bags, natural linen ribbon, giveaway seed sachets and reusable pickle jars.

Earth Day Workshop

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Day of the Red - Hen Party of the Year - 19th May 0018

A Flower Crown workshop using strictly scarlet red flowers for the hen, Scarlett. Out in the fields of Hitchin, we drove a van full of beautiful blooms to help 28 ladies' make their own flower crown to party the night away with.

Flower Crown Workshop

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